Maroquinerie Rioland  
Maroquinerie Rioland HISTORY
Maroquinerie Rioland The 1930s-1960s
From Equine saddlery to fashionable belts
  Maroquinerie Rioland Nestled in the heart of the châteaux of the Loire region, in an area rich in traditional leather works, the Maroquinerie Rioland continues to enrich their trade with more than 70 years experience. The Rioland family have created and continued to develop this business through three generations. It all started in the days of the saddlery and harness era with Narcisse Rioland, who created bridles, martingales, nose bands, reins and amazing harnesses embellished copper and with sleigh bells . His son Achille naturally took over from his father in the 50s and started to make belts, this new world opened up and allowed his creativity to develop. From this tiny village he would have to find clients in Paris and Lyon and convince them to buy and stock his beautiful work.
Maroquinerie Rioland The 1970s and 1980s
The Maroquinerie Rioland expands their collection
  In the 70s there was a small revolution within the family business, after producing belts and girths for many years it became clear that they would have to become bag makers if they wanted to continue their trade. The first line of handbags started to take shape in Achilles mind, the father of the present generation of the family owners, and these original bags were produced with their distinctive and skilled tool work. They soon found pride of place within the bag shops and boutiques of Paris and the provincial towns. Their house speciality were the <croco> bags. The 1970s and 1980s The Maroquinerie Rioland expands their collection Maroquinerie Rioland
Maroquinerie Rioland The 1990s and beyond
  Through globalisation and the beginning of 'big names' that became iconic within the western world, is how today, with its rich history for variety and mastery of leather working that the Maroquinerie Rioland has become ensconced into the closed world of the producers of the biggest names in France. They now work internationally and over the last few years have transformed into a company that has amalgamated both their artistic techniques and their heritage. They now have an organisation which is both dynamic and competitive in today's market.


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