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Maroquinerie Rioland 1/ The leather, a noble material
  Maroquinerie Rioland From the most precious of skins, the <croco> bag is an established speciality for the house of Rioland. Created from expertly tanned cow hide with plant essences, the hide is rich in texture, soft to touch and beautifully coloured. A good leather requires the longest experience and one can't learn this in books, it requires a multi sensory expert to be able to read and interpret the visible and hidden qualities of each individual skin.
Maroquinerie Rioland 2/ Bag making - a trade which constantly evolves
  Over the last few years, our business has invited into the fashion world and worked with the best creators in the world. They have used our creativity and expertise, our field is continually changing with new models replacing the old, faster than ever before. In this new context of the international markets the favoured words within our specialist world are expertise, quality, flexibility, and reactivity, all these virtues we employ here on a daily basis at the Maroquinerie Rioland.
  Maroquinerie Rioland Maroquinerie Rioland
Maroquinerie Rioland 3 Conception of Products - creating proto-types - producing ranges
  With help at the conception of a product, proto-type and then at the production of the range the Maroquinerie Rioland will accompany you with all its experience of the current market :

• reliable and solid fabrication

• Loyal reproduction of a proto-type ( mainly manual work)

• adhesion to delivery dates

• flexibility to adapt with the distribution

• strong reactivity to launch new products

Our artistic knowledge is developed towards highly skilled machine work and we guarantee the same level of quality finishing on all your products.
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